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 For what shall I give thanks?  And in what manner shall my thanksgiving be expressed?  Most often, when we think about what we are grateful for, we focus on that which we have – materially.  We are grateful for our home, our health, our work, and our abundance.  We give thanks for our family, our friends, and our spiritual community.

 In metaphysics we are taught that these outward appearances are the demonstration, whereas, mysticism teaches that outward appearances are actually the effect of the demonstration.  In the mystical realm, there is only one demonstration: the realization of God’s presence and grace; the recognition of God as individual being; the conscious awareness of Oneness.  This is the demonstration. 

 In the stillness and silence of my soul, I realize God as the very nature of my being.  And in this realization of God as my being, all that the Father has is mine.  I then experience the “added things” in whatever form is required in the moment.  God knows what I have need of.  Therefore, the true demonstration is the realization of Oneness and then how that out pictures in my life is the effect of that one demonstration.

 Therefore, in giving thanks, I have the opportunity to lift my consciousness out of the material realm and into the spiritual realm.  This is a transformative spiritual practice.

 Let us consider a fruit tree for a moment.  The fruit is the effect of the Law of Nature, a Principle of Life.  The fruit is temporary, it comes and it goes.  But the Law of Life that creates the fruit is eternal and changeless.  We can use the fruit and we can enjoy the fruit, letting it come and letting it go, because we know that back of the fruit is the Invisible which produced it. When our gratitude is for the Invisible Spirit which produces the fruit – be it in the form of money, health or perfect work – we lift ourselves into an atmosphere of realized truth.

 When I am grateful for things or conditions, I am focusing my attention on that which is temporary, the effect.  When the focus of my gratitude is on that which I consume or acquire, I perceive myself as a consumer, an acquirer.  This perception reflects a sense of separation from God… which completely limits my good.  I am viewing my good as being outside myself and when I attract it to myself, I am grateful.

 Yet, behind our good, behind all form, is the Spirit which produced it. So let us be grateful not for any particular form of good, but for the Spirit underlying that form.

 When I focus my attention on the Spirit of God that underlies all things, I perceive myself as a spiritual being, having infinite supply.  I and my Father are one.  In this awareness, I am naturally lifted into the experience of gratitude… for gratitude is something that God expresses through me… like love, peace and joy.

 For what shall I give thanks?

  • That I have achieved some measure of God realization
  • That the kingdom of God which I have sought has been found within myself
  • That the door of spiritual consciousness has opened and revealed God as the very nature of my being
  • That the activity of God is the only activity of my life
  • That the Principle operates in every situation
  • That the Spirit of God is revealing Itself as harmony
  • That God is, I am

 God is. I am.  This awareness elevates me into the bliss of gratitude, of Oneness.

  In what manner shall my thanksgiving be expressed?

  •  I embark upon a program of daily gratitude not for things, but gratitude for God as the only substance, form and activity. 
  •  When I do feel grateful for a thing or a condition, and it is natural that I will, I have the opportunity to use that feeling as a trigger to consider the truth that is back of it.  What spiritual truth makes this that I am experiencing possible?
  •  I do want to express my gratitude tangibly.  When I give or receive money or when I take food or drink, I have a moment’s recognition of the Infinite Source, which is also the Infinite Source of my being.  
  • It is also important to express my gratitude to individuals through whom my good comes.  God is individual being.  It appears as individual you and individual me.  And so in expressing my gratitude to an individual, I am expressing it to God.  My awareness of this deeper truth lifts me out of the human scene and into the spiritual realm.
  •  I can express gratitude for any teacher or experience that brings God’s presence to my mind; this deepens my realization of Oneness.
  •  In humble gratitude for the work that pours out through me, I acknowledge that it is the Father within who doeth the works.
  •  The sincerity and earnestness I give in communion, meditation, contemplation, and prayer is a measure of my gratitude.
  •  Most importantly, I dwell in, contemplate, what I have… spiritually.

 I can’t help but live in gratitude as I realize the presence of God, and behold the grace of God unfolding as my life.

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