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Practicing the Presence is a living experience that continues throughout the day.  Refresh your soul by using everyday activities as triggers to rest in the Spirit.

This program is adapted from an exercise outlined in The Alchemy of Awareness by Lorraine Sinkler.  Build your practice each week by incorporating the previous weeks’ practice.

Week One

Every morning, upon awakening, contemplate the nature and activity of God.  “This is the day the Lord has made.  God is.  I am.  I am living by grace today.”

Week Two

Pause at every threshold you cross and remember, “The presence of God goes before me to prepare the way and to be the love that greets me.”

Week Three

This week, after crossing each threshold, add, “The presence of God remains behind me as a blessing.”

Week Four

When going to your particular job, and each time you begin a new task, remind yourself: “God brought me the work of this day, and the Presence within performs it.  It is the Father within who doeth the works.” This brings the awareness that the work being done is not the work of a person: it is divine work.  Become an observer, a witness, a beholder of God in action.  Learn to watch your higher consciousness doing the work as you.

Week Five

See through the human appearance to the Divinity at the core of each and every person.  Each time you come in contact with a person, silently affirm, “I recognize you as an individual expression of the One; perfect, whole, and complete.”

Week Six

Before eating anything, silently express gratitude, recognizing, “God is the spiritual substance of this food.  God is the spiritual substance of ALL form.”

Week Seven

Every time you enter a car, remember, “God, divine Intelligence, is the mind of every driver on the road.”

Week Eight

Each time you find yourself waiting (in line, at the doctor’s office, on the phone) close your eyes and silently affirm, “I am here.  I am available.  I am listening.” Be still.

It only takes a second to bring to conscious awareness

the power and presence of God.

Lorraine Sinkler writes: “Human beings are in the deep slumber of humanhood, and whatever leads a person consciously to remember the presence of God serves as an alarm clock to awaken him and keep him awake.”

Every day each of us awakens in the morning, we walk through doorways; we go to work or participate in some in sort of activity.  We have contact with other people; we eat; we drive; and we wait.  These are activities that we are already doing.  Let’s use them as triggers, as alarm clocks, to bring to conscious awareness the presence and power of God.

It is your conscious awareness of Oneness that will lift you into the spiritual realm, refresh your soul, and transform your life.

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